The Gunner Class Arrives at TERA Later This Month

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The Gunner Class Arrives at TERA Later This Month

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When she releases, the Gunner will be the most bombastic course yet when she starts on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. En Masse Entertainment has also published a trailer showcasing the character and her new skills with Tera Gold PS4, which you can check out previously.

The Gunner is called a"fast-moving" ranged course that excels at high-DPS output that's built for clearing out hordes of enemies with powerful area-of-effect attacks. Equipped with a powerful Arcannon and programmable combat constructs, she has a great mix of both ranged and close combat weapons that are best for any circumstance. Her high-powered arsenal and specialized ammunition make her a unique addition to the battle roster discovered in the match. En Masse Entertainment has stated to stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information concerning the gunner, for example when she'll be officially making her way into the game.

These packs, that are available today, contain new flying mounts which allow players to explore the entire world of TERA in a way they haven't managed to yet.

En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher dedicated to providing great games and fantastic provider, today released the hottest free content update for the PC version of TERA, Hero's Oath. Keeping up with their near-monthly update schedule, today's upgrade closes out a month of events celebrating TERA's sixth anniversary in North America with new content, features, and the beginning of a new daily event for PC players.

Dungeon runners with level 65 characters sporting strong gear, a mean thing level of 446 or higher, can head to the Velika Outskirts to shoot on the recently introduced Antaroth's Abyss dungeon. The dungeon comes from either a standard and (Difficult ) difficulty, with three mortal bosses prepared and waiting to challenge even the most skilled of players. With the newly introduced dungeon leaderboards, now active for Antaroth's Abyss (Difficult ) and Pit of all Petrax, players can race against one another to see who will claim the glory and also be the fastest group to clean the dungeon.

Hero's Oath also introduces lots of new equipment for players to chase, including in a new tier of armor for buy xbox tera gold players known as Heroic Oath. Fully enchanted Stormcry equipment can now be updated to a shiny new pair of Heroic Oath equipment with a performance boost to meet its style. Future updates will add the capacity to enchant the newest Heroic Oath gear as even more difficult content is released. Players can search for a fresh mask in Antaroth's Abyss (Hard) too, as bosses will have a chance to drop a new mask with combat stats to coordinate with the new tier of armor.

The En Masse team is currently running the very first monthly Level-Up occasion for TERA on PC, which provides players that level up a specific character class that month using a series of in-game rewards as they work towards level 65. The group has selected the gunner course for the month of June, therefore any players interested in leveling up a new gunner or returning into some gunner they never reached maximum level with can make plenty of free perks!

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